Ka Fu Lee

KaFu Wedding Photography is based in London and primarily covers the United Kingdom, and also all areas of the Europe can be attended.

KaFu is the only photographer in KaFu Wedding photography. All the photos on the website are taken by KaFu. KaFu is committed to the bride and groom by the KaFu personally responsible for the wedding day, including photos edit and photo design, will not entrust to other people.

KaFu is a professional photographer, specializing in contemporary, reportage wedding photography. KaFu has 10 years experience in wedding photography science 2000. Kafu has excellent works on wedding, pre-wedding and all kinds of events with his expert and professional skills on photography. In 10 years of wedding photography experience, whether Western or Chinese, or in a different environment KaFu will be able to shoot a satisfactory work.

KaFu ensures sufficient photography and photographic equipment to cope with different shooting environments shoot a complete, beautiful wedding process, KaFu principle is "not a 1 or 2 perfect" is "can do all of prefect."

Ka Fu Lee
KaFu Wedding Photography
1099+ (GBP)