Michele Monasta

Michele  Monasta

I have been a Photographer since I was ten years old... professional since 15 years ago. I'm also an actor and Art Director in Comunication Design.

I am 38 years old, I am married and I have two little children Arturo and Matilde. I live in Florence (Italy) and I work by my self as a Photographer specialized in Stage Photography (theatre and cinema, set and backstage) because I'm an actor in a theatre company named Venti Lucenti (in which I'm also the Art Director).

I have done hundreds Photoservices for theatre and that has given me a particular style for the Wedding Photography... Real... emotional. People says about me that I can shoot photos that remains alive forever. (I hope you understand my feelings through my english).

I have worked ten year as Art Director in a couple of Florentine Agency as Visual Photographer and Graphic Design.... but I have stopped four years ago to dedicate myself entirely to Photography and Acting.

So now I have done about fifty wedding reportages... Near 10/15 per year. Not so much because I don't consider it a job but an opportunity to know people... so I don't like to chase wedding reportage but I like if you chose me and my style and we decide to live together your special day.

Michele Monasta
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