Alan Venzi

Hello, my name is Alan Venzi and I’m a professional photographer since 2004. I was born in Lucerne (Switzerland) and raised in Cesena, a small town in the north-east of Italy, among gentle hills, perfumed grapevines and the warm breeze of the Adriatic sea. I’ve always been fond of photography, trying to steal the secret stories of things with my camera and turn them into moving images.

My deep interest in photography and its techniques led me to experiment different ways of taking pictures: portraits, still-life, architecture, advertising, landscapes, reportage... As my experience grew and I became a full time professional, I felt a deeper interest in working with people and that is why I became an established wedding photographer.

When I shoot photos at weddings, I try to become invisible, leaving the center of the stage to the bride, groom and their guests. Everything I learnt in my career is there with me, serving the purpose of getting the most spontaneous sparkle of life and make it live forever in a picture. Lights, details, colors, composition, textures, movement: all come into one in a single click of my camera. I strive for authenticity and I love to capture the wonderful energy pervading everybody on the wedding day. Passion, joy, excitement, commotion, love compose a visual diary of the day.

Then, I personally supervise every further step in the process that leads to the wedding album. Working side by side with bride and groom, I put all my efforts and care in the selection and optimization of the final pictures. I work hard with my designers to get the best paper, graphic design and book design for the wedding album. As I deliver the final product in the hands of my clients, I get my greatest reward when I see my photos have finally become entirely theirs. I take every assignment very seriously and that is why I only cover one wedding per week-end, for a total of around 30 weddings per year.

I am a proud member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and of the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG-WPJA).
I still live in Cesena with my wife Paola, my son Eric and a lazy cat named Goccia, but I work throughout Italy and abroad.

Alan Venzi
1800+ (EUR)