Niamh Baldock

I've been a wedding photographer for 8 years. I started out shooting weddings in Barcelona, Spain, where I lived and was inspired for almost ten years. Now I'm back on home turf in Brighton, UK and loving it.

Aside from wedding photography, I provide artistic reportage coverage of business events, working for clients including Pfizer.

I also do stock photography, and have had work featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, from Time Magazine to The Telegraph.

I've worked voluntarily for charities, such as The Cambodia Trust, and my work has been published in The Ephotozine Guide to Great Photography.

Wedding photography is my passion, though. I adore being the eyes at your wedding, following emotions and framing them artistically. My favourite subjects are moments, sometimes vibrant, other times subtle, but always very real. I've worked with many amazing people over the years, including Melanie Sykes.

My other passion are my two children, Max (8) and Romy (2). They provide me with amazing moments every day of the week. They grew tired of my camera very quickly, so I`ve had to learn the art of getting great photos without them noticing!

If you like the way I work, please get in touch and we can chat on the phone or get together for a coffee.

Niamh Baldock
1000+ (GBP)