District Of Columbia Wedding Photographers

If you choose one of our WPJA District Of Columbia wedding photojournalists as your wedding photographer, please let them know you found them through the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The WPJA at a glance: The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the best District Of Columbia wedding photographers at your fingertips, by granting membership only to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the world--photographers who focus solely on using their documentary photography skills to capture ‘the moments’ of your wedding day.

3900 US Dollar

Ken Pak

Washington DC in District Of Columbia, United States

For Ken Pak, photography is a way to expose life at its best. His spontaneity of expression and his professional, yet friendly nature allow him to capture the most natural once in a lifetime moments through his lenses.

4000 US Dollar

Mari Harsan

Washington DC in District Of Columbia, United States

Mari Harsan is a DC based wedding photographer who travels all around U.S and destination. Recently returned from photographing weddings in Japan, Bermuda, Dominican Republic and soon traveling to photograph her first wedding in the motherland, Romania.

3900 US Dollar

Mantas Kubilinskas

Washington DC in District Of Columbia, United States

I’m Mantas Kubilinskas. I am a Lithuania-born, D.C.-based photographer. Photography is more than my job. It is my hobby and my passion. As a photographer, every day is like Christmas for me. I get just as excited for each session as a kid admiring his wrapped gifts on Christmas morning.

2900 US Dollar

A.E.Landes Photography: Abram Eric Landes

Washington DC, United States

Like many other photographers’ stories, my wedding and travel photography business started as a hobby in high school and became an obsession after college. I sort of fell into shooting weddings for friends, and soon I was being asked to photograph friends of friends and beyond.

2450 US Dollar

Chris Zarconi

Washington DC, United States

I am a DC-based photographer who specializes in weddings and events. I officially formed my business in 2008 but have been doing photography professionally in the DC area since 2003.

2800 US Dollar

Chris Ferenzi Photography: Chris Ferenzi

in District Of Columbia, United States

Who is Chris Ferenzi? About “Hey, that sounds Italian!” you say, but don’t be fooled! It’s not. It’s Hungarian. “But there’s a city in Italy called Ferenzi!” Nope! “Firenze”. Swap the E and the I. Trust me. Not Italian. I've been shooting part-time since 2006.

3000 US Dollar

Joseph Gidjunis

Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, United States
1300 US Dollar

Eugene Tkach

Rockville in Maryland, United States
2900 US Dollar

Amie Otto

Ashburn in Virginia, United States
3495 US Dollar

Joe Foley

Silver Spring in Maryland, United States

Joe has been capturing weddings since 2009.

3000 US Dollar

Kenneth Clapp

Baltimore in Maryland, United States

A visual storyteller, Kenny, is a talent unlike any other. Its his love for his wife and photography partner, Mia, that inspires his passion for bold photojournalism and allows him to consistently tell the beautiful story of his wedding clients through creative photography.

4000 US Dollar

The Happy Couple: Joe Brier

Fairfax in Virginia, United States

Joe Brier earned an MS degree in Photojournalism from Syracuse University in 2004. Since that time, Joe has worked as a staff photographer for a daily newspaper in Northern Virginia. He has also worked as a freelancer, producing work for various papers across the country.

2250 US Dollar

Kevin Quinlan

Chesapeake City in Maryland, United States

Kevin Quinlan is an unobtrusive wedding photojournalist with a strong background in fine art. Kevin holds a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Fine Art/Photography from the University of Delaware.

3400 US Dollar

Photo Lady Love: Eva Russo

Fairfax in Virginia, United States

Three time Pulitzer Prize nominee Eva Russo is the owner and main photographer for Photo Lady Love, Inc. She was born in Chicago, raised in Italy, moved to France and then settled back in the United States.

1920 US Dollar

Josef Sullivan

Fredericksburg in Virginia, United States
3800 US Dollar

Anne Almasy

Atlanta in Georgia, United States

Anne Almasy is a lifelong photographer, accent-free southerner, avid reader of inexcellent literature, and music lover (all kinds). She prefers whiskey over wine, cats over dogs, and flat shoes over heels — because you never know when you might need to run for your life.

2200 US Dollar

Linda Wang

Bethesda in Maryland, United States

As a journalist for the past 12 years, I’m always thinking about the best way to tell a story. In 2006, I immersed myself in wedding photojournalism, and it completely changed my view of the world. With camera in hand, I now tell stories through a series of compelling photos that, taken together, have an emotional impact.

2200 US Dollar

Ryan Rayburn

Bethesda in Maryland, United States

It was a natural move for Ryan to start photographing weddings after working in newspapers for nine years.

1900 US Dollar

Robin Shotola

Hanover in Maryland, United States

Robin Shotola began documenting weddings 10 years ago, while working as a photographer for a Connecticut newspaper. Her eye for unique camera angles & her candid style of photography was popular with readers. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, TIME Digital, Woman's World Magazine & others.

2800 US Dollar

Olivia Jacob

Marriottsville in Maryland, United States