Adam Riley

Adam  Riley

Adam lives in Cheshire, England with his wife Laura, baby boy Noah and fluffy dog Quorra. Recently married, he appreciates the importance of an unobtrusive approach to capturing storytelling wedding images, and has a strong influence from street photography.

A full time photographer, Adam first started shooting weddings in 2010 he now undertakes around 30 weddings per year.

Adam Riley
1700+ (GBP)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Adam Riley. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Katie and Steven

    Katie and Steven

    Married 4 years ago
    Fresh tears came to my eyes upon first viewing these photos… I still can’t understand how one person (and I mean this in the kindest possible way) can be in the background, at the same time as being everywhere – and at every significant moment. You were as unobtrusive as we could wish for, and practically invisible throughout the whole day, yet you still managed to capture some of the most intimate and revealing moments of our wedding day…moments which, given how quickly the whole all passes by, I had perhaps glossed over at the time. All those little reminders you managed to capture allow us to re-live the day in a way I hadn’t dreamed we would be able to, so thank you