Darek Gontarski

Darek  Gontarski

The photographer Darek Gontarski studied for several years at the Academy of Arts -
his profound Knowledge can be seen today in his elaborately staged images of Cameramirage Wedding Photography.
He is one of the most creative wedding photographers in Germany.
Darek Gontarski photographed next to weddings also actor and staged fabulous still images.
Born in Poland, he lives and works with his Family in Berlin, Germany.
"Wedding photography is the best witness of the time.
I like every time the task reflect the unique atmosphere of the wedding pictures.
I also like the various places and people. Take pictures of the best moments in life - how can you not love it?
The wedding photography for me is feelings, happiness, light and above all the people themselves
I photograph the couple on my natural, creative and sophisticated way, with feelings and enthusiasm"
Darek Gontarski

Darek Gontarski
2000+ (EUR)