Alan Rogers

Photography has been my passion for over 30 years. I started off in high school developing film and making prints the traditional way, and today the digital process has unleashed me from the darkroom allowing me to concentrate more on the art of capture.

Over the years I have also loved photographing landscapes, nature, families, pets, horses, art, products, fashion and more.

Today my Wedding Photojournalism is by far the most exciting and rewarding theme. Every wedding is unique and full of opportunities to capture moments that are very special for my clients.

I allow my wedding couples and their families to truly enjoy the wedding day because I will not boss them around. I promise never to drag anyone away for a photo shoot somewhere, only to have everyone becoming 'over it all'. I believe Brides and Grooms deserve to have their precious time on the day with family and friends, and it is during these times that the moments are most memorable and sincerest.

Alan Rogers
1800+ (AUD)