Marta Szczesniak

Marta  Szczesniak

I’m a polish wedding, press and portrait photographer living on the French Riviera. I got into photography firstly due to my father's hobby, he used to photograph our family and had a little home-made darkroom. I used to work as a model in the past and find that I'm incorporating the fashion elements more and more with my brides.I'm always searching for the perfect moment, the perfect light and the best perspective and I very much enjoy every moment of my work.

In the season I'm mainly photographing weddings (around 15 per year), but my second big hobby is fashion photography. I'm also working for an international press agency, covering various events in the south of France. My dream is to become a destination wedding photographer. My mission is to connect fashion, artistic and photojournalistic style in my work.

Marta Szczesniak
Riviera Wedding Photography
1450+ (EUR)

Client Letters

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  • Tania and Russell

    Tania and Russell

    Married 6 years ago
    We thank you very much for these first pictures. They are gorgeous, very, very beautiful… Thanks once more for all your work, we are all happy about how beautiful these firsts pictures look like. Thanks to your friend as well and for taking care of my dress to ensure it was looking good in all pictures. Thanks for your nice words in your blog and it is ok to publish them there, I am sure people appreciate your work. I will try to put some pictures in a local magazine and I will definetly will talk about your great art work. I think you have a great future ahead.,