Florent Vidal

I started to discover wedding photo-reportage ten years ago in Paris, France. Since 2005 I've been based in Sydney, Australia and shoot weddings all around Australia, the Pacific islands, Asia and Europe. I offer couples a photo-reportage of their wedding day on a natural and unobtrusive way. My aim is to create images that mean something; images that carry feelings and emotions. I see my photography as elegant and timeless.
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Photographer Florent Vidal 
Location Waterloo in New South Wales, Australia
Starting Rates $2000+ (AUD) 
Website http://www.fvidalphotography.com.au 
Photos 21 Contest Winning Photos
Client Letters 10 Client Letters
Blog http://www.fvidalphotography.com.au/blog/ 
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Florent Vidal. The following awards have been earned by Florent from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2015 Q4 10th Place - Bride Getting Ready
Q3 9th Place - Ceremony
2014 Q4 10th Place - Creative Portrait
Q3 5th Place - Details (Found)
2013 Q4 16th Place - Portrait of Bride AND Groom
Q3 18th Place - Flowers/Decorations
20th Place - Portrait of Bridal Party
Q1 10th Place - Other Vendors
15th Place - Creative Portraits
2011 Q3 11th Place - Getting Ready
16th Place - Engagement Portrait
2010 Q2 17th Place - Creative Portrait of Bridal Party
BRIDES 5th Place - Bridal Party
2009 Q4 20th Place - Details (Found)
Q2 14th Place - Getting Ready
2008 Q2 8th Place - Reception
BRIDES 1st Place - Send Off/Departure
2007 BRIDES 3rd Place - Group/Bridal Party
2006 Winter 20th Place - Musicians & DJs
Fall 15th Place - Emotion
2005 Winter 2nd Place - Kids (being kids)

The following letters are from the clients of Florent Vidal. Click an image to view a larger version.

Jo & Jordon

Jo & Jordon
Married November 4th, 2012
"Florent, Oh my god! These are FABULOUS! I have no other words right now....actually I do, but they all start with f and could be misconstrued...so I won't use them... I LOVE them all! Thank you so, so much Xox"

Carlie & Joseph

Carlie & Joseph
Married October 12th, 2012
"Hey Florent! Wow I was just taken back to the wedding day looking at all your incredible photos! You really capured everything! It is so exciting to see the photos and to go through all the emotions! It has put me on a high for the day! I think I will look at them again and again!...more "

Sylvie & Warren

Sylvie & Warren
Married July 22nd, 2012
"Dear Florent, Thank you for being a part of our journey and our special day. It was wonderful to have you there. We had so much fun sharing so many laughs with you and being able to relax and enjoy the day. We had so many compliments about your work, not surprisingly as...more "

Christine & Benjamin

Christine & Benjamin
Married March 18th, 2012
"Hi Florent, The images look fantastic! It's bringing back the memories again! Thanks so very much for your great work and also for your support on the actual day itself! You kind of became the adhoc time-keeper and a calming presence as you were so organised (more so than any...more "

Cherry & Pierre

Cherry & Pierre
Married July 2nd, 2011
"Your works have received rave comments from our families and friends! Apart from me being the most relaxed bride you have ever seen (hehe), your magic certainly helped to make it looks even more perfect! You might be a man of few words on the day but they are definitely the right ones...more "

Ceri  &  Paul

Ceri & Paul
Married January 10th, 2010
"Just a quick note to say that Paul and I are so glad we chose you as our wedding photographer. You captured the atmosphere perfectly, which means that every time we look at the pictures (which is around twice daily at the moment!), we feel just as happy as we did on the day. We love...more "

Jasmine  &  Charles

Jasmine & Charles
Married February 28th, 2009
"My package has arrived safe and sound. Thank you so very much for all your hard work. We love love love the photos! We really appreciate all the hard work that you put into capturing our wedding. It truly is a lovely memory and I honestly feel like you captured really lovely moments...more "

Tahn  &  Colin

Tahn & Colin
Married January 4th, 2009
"We are really impressed by our wedding photos. Your service was very professional and intimate all the way through. The photos are great and everybody is really impressed. We will strongly recommend you if the opportunity arises. Thank you again."

Arlene  &  Brett

Arlene & Brett
Married October 25th, 2008
"Hope you are well! We just received the Photos - Thank you sooooooo- much they are fantastic! It has been like re-living the wedding just going through them on the prints. You capture the moment so perfectly. I definitly need to learn not to make so many faces hahahah but i guess...more "

Kara  &  Jarrah

Kara & Jarrah
Married October 12th, 2008
"Thank-you so much for our beautiful wedding photos! They are more amazing than we could ever have imagined. You captured all the wonderful moments of the day so well. We really love the one with the 3 scuba gear guys - it made us laugh so hard. Everyone absolutely loves the photos...more "