Andrea Pitti

Born in 1971 in Tuscany, the way was paved from a young age. After graduating from the Art Institute of Siena in 1989 with confusion in his mind as to what to become as a “grown-up”, Andrea’s mother suggested he clear his head for the summer by giving his uncle a hand in his photography studio, who at the time was an official photographer for the infamous Palio horse race of Siena.
In trying to give her son a life lesson, Andrea met his first love; the Camera and Photography in every which way.
In 1992, Andrea started up his own business and began to work as a freelance photographer, capturing at 360° some of the most enchanting images of Tuscany and all she had to offer , particularly of crafts, antique flavours and beauty which most characterize the region.
Having always been fascinated and attracted to the photography of people, their interactions and most importantly their emotions, Andrea photographed his own brother wedding day in the year 2000…the rest is history. From that moment on, he dedicated his life’s work to wedding photography, travelling all over Italy and abroad to capture couples during their most important day.
Today, Andrea collaborates with the most prestigious international wedding and event management agencies, now over 500 couples in possession of Andrea’s stunning photography as their lasting souvenir of their special day.

Photographer Andrea Pitti 
Location Siena, Italy
Starting Rates €1500+ (EUR) 
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