JinLe Xu

Kevin began turning his lens onto weddings after being asked by a friend to photograph his wedding on Oct. 2011. From then on, he fell in love with wedding photography. In 2012, he founded Snowlnk Studio and it soon got popular by words of mouth.
No matter photographing a small backyard wedding, or a 500-guest soiree in the city, he always bears three major goals for your photos: to blow your mind, make your parents proud and your friends jealous.
You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, and you’ll take comfort in knowing that Kevin will always capture something truly special for you on his camera. Real moments. Real memories. Real emotions. You’ll treasure every single of them. You will love your photography collections and will also have a great experience working with Kevin to create them.
Besides, Kevin is available for travelling worldwide. So don't hesitate to drop him a line wherever you are. He’ll love to hear from you.

Photographer JinLe Xu 
Business Kevin 
Location Shanghai, China
Starting Rates RM5288+ (RMB) 
Website http://www.kevineye.com 
Blog http://weibo.com/xujinle