Elia Vaccaro

I was born in Naples in the 1981.
I am the son of a family of creative. I studied the arts (art history, drawing, architecture, sculpture) to graduate in 2007.
The passion for photography began when I was given an Olympus OM 1. I spent a few years studying, and print, the black and white photo.
Today I develop an uncontrollable personal artistic research and work in the field of wedding and fashion.
My study is located in Aversa but I work all over Italy. Read More...

Photographer Elia Vaccaro 
Location Aversa in Caserta, Italy
Starting Rates $1000+ (USD) 
Website http://www.eliavaccarofotografo.com 
Blog http://www.eliavaccarofotografo.com/blog/ 
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