Danijel Lukic

Hello, my name is Danijel and I am a full time wedding photographer. I live in Sydney with my wife and my two kids, and I will travel all over Australia and the rest of the world, to take pictures at weddings. My wife Di, is also my image editor and virtually the other half of our business. We're married for 12 years.
In my early ages I worked in my uncle's photo studio where we mainly did portraits with the old film cameras. That was back in the 90's and I still miss the smell of the old film lab. My approach to weddings is not about never-ending lines of formal groups or particular shot lists, it’s about working quietly and telling the story of your day through my eyes. I even keep the posed shots friendly and fun. I like to give my clients something special and different from the traditional.
I shoot from the heart and my intention is to make my photography a relaxed, fun and happy experience for my clients too! This passion reflects in my photographs, and I hope you will think the same.

Photographer Danijel Lukic 
Business Dan Luke Photography 
Location New South Wales, Australia
Starting Rates $2100+ (AUD) 
Website http://www.danlukephotography.com.au 
Blog http://blog.danlukephotography.com.au 
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