Jason Lee

This is Jason Lee, the founder of KINGKONG wedding photography studio.
I came into contact with Western-style wedding photojournalism since I had a chance to get to know a famous Australian Chinese photographer Mr. Jewen Zhu. Born with high EQ helped me to capture every precious moment on the wedding from the unique perspective, and also to integrate my appreciated movie screen into every shooting composition, thus forming my distinctive personal shooting style. Flexibility to communicate in English and Chinese during shooting provide quite a convenience for the foreign customers or the Chinese customers who has a foreign background. Without lots of complex luxury pages, my website is not only my works show,but also a public platform for my clients to sharing the memories of their wedding day. I insisted on publishing and sharing my photo and shooting experiences each week, which for me is a very meaningful thing. I will harvest more than just my business income through every shooting experience, it is a inner experience and insights of my life. I am proud of my occupation and will keep working on it.

Photographer Jason Lee 
Business Kingkong 
Location Tianjin, China
Starting Rates RM6800+ (RMB) 
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
Website kingkongphoto.cn