Paul Razanajatovo

Based in Paris, I am a professional photographer specialized in wedding photography, portraits and “lifestyle”. I cover the following regions: Ile de France, Normandy and Picardy.
To describe my personality, I would say that I’m curious and hyperactive. Above all, I am passionate about photography, specially landscapes and portraits. The reason why I decided to be specialized in wedding reports is my sensibility to emotions I can feel at a wedding day. I love capturing pictures and giving great memories to people.
I capture emotions and unforgettable moments that you can feel again and again just by looking at the photos. These moments of life that you will never forget: a smile, a laugh, and tears…

Photographer Paul Razanajatovo 
Business Heryart's 
Location Antony in Ile-de-france, France
Starting Rates €990+ (EUR) 
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