Zhibin Hou

3 years of working experience in a 4A agency in Beijing after graduation has broadened my vision of creativity. And after that I travelled a lot in China. From the most developed city to the least wealthy countryside, from which I saw so much in people's life. Money is truely a very important thing in this modern world but it's also far less important than some other elements in life, among which LOVE topped. I see love in people, and I want them to see it, and remeber it themselves. So I participated in a seminar talking about wedding photography hosted by the well known Mike Colón. And then I kept learning and practicing. With a creative mind and a loving heart, I started my own photography business called Touching Photography focusing on people's portrait, mostly wedding related. I look, smell, listen to find love in every session of every wedding ceremony, and freeze joy and fun, laughters and tears, altogether, love, in my pictures.

Photographer Zhibin Hou 
Location Tianjin City in Tianjin, China
Starting Rates RM4000+ (RMB) 
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
Website touching-photography.com 
Blog weibo.com/houzen