June Jiang

Born in a small Tibetan village in China, the harmony of sky, earth, and the livings in Tibet greatly influenced my photographic style later on, which seeks the harmony among subject, environment,design, and moment. I discovered photography around age 12, coming a long way from B&W film photography to the digital age, I've had formal training in drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design. My main interest now is weddings, headshots, and fashion photography. My goal in wedding photography is to create images that couples and families want to keep forever. My approach is to immerse in the wedding but unnoticeable, to document the wedding but not intruding, to catch the moments artistically as I quietly observe them, and to feel the wedding with my heart and express it through my lens. To learn more about me and my photography, please check out recent interview by major printing company Smartpress - http://blog.smartpress.com/customer-spotlight-june-jiang-expert-photographer-at-365-photography

Photographer June Jiang 
Business 365 Photography 
Location Naperville in Illinois, United States
Starting Rates $1700+ (USD) 
Website http://www.365-photography.com 
Blog http://www.365-photography.com/blog/ 
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