Robbin Lee

Hello, I am the owner of The Image Robbin Photography, Robbin Lee. I have been a wedding photographer for 5 years, and I absolutely love my job. Being a wedding photographer has been my most passionate. I love taking pictures for people, for every detail they want to see, and for the loved ones. I am blessed to work on what I love the most in my life.
I started to fall in love with photo-shooting since the first time when I took a “photojournalist-style” pictures for my friends. What motivated me to be a wedding photographer is the scene to getting ready for wedding day, the beauty and profound love of the ceremony, and the pure happiness in the wedding.
My goal is to provide my clients with a set of artistic, timeless, and beautiful photographs that memorize their wedding day, and a priceless story of their life.

Photographer Robbin Lee 
Business WenKung Photography Studio  
Location New Taipei City in Taiwan
Starting Rates $25000+ (TWD) 
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
Photos 3 Contest Winning Photos
Client Letters 4 Client Letters
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Robbin Lee. The following awards have been earned by Robbin from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2014 Q2 14th Place - Transportation
2013 Q3 20th Place - Weather
Q1 15th Place - Weather

The following letters are from the clients of Robbin Lee. Click an image to view a larger version.

Tom & Jiun

Tom & Jiun
Married January 1st, 2014
"Dear Robbin,We would like to thank you for taking the photographs of our wedding. From the time that we first met, you listened to what we wanted and provided us with information that helped us to arrange our wedding. On our wedding day, you arrived well before the ceremony started...more "

Ya-chin & Ta-cheng

Ya-Chin & Ta-Cheng
Married November 24th, 2013
"Dear Robbin, We’re very lucky to have you as our photographer; the photos say much more than we could have ever imagined! You take photographing so seriously and professionally that our families and guests keep asking who you are even before seeing the photos! The ones taken at...more "

Jason & Phoebe

Jason & Phoebe
Married October 6th, 2013
"Dear Robbin Thank you for helping us freezing the best day of our life. Looking back at the photos, the small details are the ones touched us the most, and you didn't miss any of them! Glad we have such an experienced wedding photographer like you to go through all the steps of the...more "

Magic  &  Kate

Magic & Kate
Married March 17th, 2013
"Dear Robbin, March 17, 2013, I was playing the most important role in my life, the bride, on that day. There were so many moments I cannot even remember until seeing your photos. I was so lucky to have you as a photographer in my wedding. You helped me to record those happiness...more "