Florence Dujarric

My godfather, who carried me in his arms on the day of my baptism, was a photographer. It was sorting through his effects many years later with my grandfather that I discovered the negatives of the pictures he’d taken of me when I was a child. The preserved moment was like crystal and I was amazed to rediscover the laughing little blonde curly-haired girl I had been.

The emotion of finding these negatives helped me understand why I too had become a photographer. I wanted to give people images they could cherish on cold winter evenings and that their children could look at and know that they were born in great happiness.

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Photographer Florence Dujarric 
Location Paris in Ile-de-france, France
Starting Rates €1299+ (EUR) 
Website http://www.florencedujarric.com 
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The following letters are from the clients of Florence Dujarric. Click an image to view a larger version.

Jana & Jonas

Jana & Jonas
Married May 5th, 2013
"Florence, you were the one we really wanted to shoot our wedding! You know exactly how to capture the best moments and see a lot of details that other people don’t even notice. Each picture shows how full of joy our wedding was! We really couldn’t have found a better photographer;...more "

Corentin & Stéphanie

Corentin & Stéphanie
Married June 8th, 2012
"A huge thanks to you Florence for the quality of your work and for your cheerfulness! People say that after a great event there is nothing left but memories and pictures, and when I look at mine with my wife, we have every reason to be glad we have chosen you to immortalize our wedding...more "