Dominikus Bondan Pamungkas

Bondan started as a professional wedding photographer in college. He began his photography career as an assistant wedding photographer. In 2009, he began working professionally as a wedding photographer. His business was named Bondan Photoworks.

Bondan was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. His photography business has reached many areas in Indonesia Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta. Bondan also has shot abroad to meet the tastes of many clients. Photos become the natural flavors of pleasure for Bondan, where his image is
candid, natural and spontaneous. His work provides everlasting memories.

Photographer Dominikus Bondan Pamungkas 
Business Bondan Photoworks 
Location Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Starting Rates $1000+ (USD) 
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
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