Davi Martins

A professional photographer who specializes in weddings, Davi Martin has a degree in photographic design by Panamericana School of Art and Design. With experience in advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines, eventually centralize its work on family occasions and records that go well beyond the wedding.

The talent for art was discovered by his parents, when David was still a child. Realizing the sensitivity of the boy in a picture to see everywhere, decided to invest in basic courses so he could perfect his gift. Today, beyond graduation, he also has training courses Book Fashion, Photojournalism, B & W and Image Processing. Read More...

Photographer Davi Martins 
Location Guarulhos in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Starting Rates R$4500+ (BRL) 
Website http://www.davimartins.com.br 
Blog http://www.davimartins.com.br/blog 
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