Frederic Rejaudry

Photographer Frederic Rejaudry 
Business Malmoth Wedding & Photography 
Location La Trinite in Martinique, France
Starting Rates €2000+ (EUR)  View Packages
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The following letters are from the clients of Frederic Rejaudry. Click an image to view a larger version.

Maria & Emerick

Maria & Emerick
Married December 12th, 2015
"Dear Frédéric and Pako, Thank you for this - we are very happy for you to post our story on your blog! Hopefully this is a lesson to other brides - relax! If you're lucky, you only get married once. We are eternally grateful for your passion and your artistry in recording the happiest...more "

Karen  &  Paul

Karen & Paul
Married March 1st, 2013
"Hello! I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond to your email. I posted a comment on Facebook, but it looks like maybe it didn't post for some reason so I'll say thank you again in this email. Thank you both, so much, for the time and work you put into our wedding week. We...more "