Louis Perin

Louis Perin works with his assistant and partner Yann Richard. After working on cinema in Rennes, I developed a traveling photo exhibition on the theme of movement-oriented techniques of digital designs and graphic arts. My passion for photography is reflected by making my first photo essay (silver) in Germany. In 2008 I set up as a freelance professional photographer in Paris. I then made my first stories on marriage. I subsequently realized the work of photojournalism by working for the agency "PresseImage".

Photographer Louis Perin 
Location Paris in Ile-de-france, France
Starting Rates €1400+ (EUR)  View Packages
Website http://www.photographe-mariages.eu 
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Elif  &  Selim

Elif & Selim
Married February 2nd, 2012
"I just received the dvd you have sent me. Thank you, all the photos are great. It was very nice meeting you. Thanks a lot for everything. Hope to see you again one day. Very best regards."