Krum Krumov

Krum Krumov MA, LRPS (Master in Arts and Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society) is a Bulgarian born artist based at present in Granada, Spain.
Involved in the photography for more than 20 years, his interests are quite broad – from fine art to commercial photography. He got into wedding photography because of the challenge and the possibility to fusion all the things he loves – portrait, landscape, documentary, architecture, fine art…
In a beautiful narrative manner, without altering the reality he achieves to tell the unique story of each couple in a fresh, exceptional and artistic way.
Mr. Krumov is available for a commission work in Spain as well as any other country.

Photographer Krum Krumov 
Location Granada, Spain
Starting Rates €1300+ (EUR) 
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The following letters are from the clients of Krum Krumov. Click an image to view a larger version.

Martina & Pierre

Martina & Pierre
Married August 23rd, 2013
"Hi Krum, we just wanted to thank you again for the great photos ! It is amazing how you manage to capture everything and be everywhere... and the best of all is that the moments are real - exactly the style of photography we wanted. Thank you so much !"