Nathan Nowack

I've always loved photography. I've always loved modern and contemporary art. And I've always been a fun, easy going person. Put these things together and becoming a photojournalistic wedding photographer was a very easy choice to make. I've based my company and work around the photojournalism wedding style because I feel it captures the moments with clear emotion and feeling. We all get nervous in front of the camera, which is another reason why chemistry with your photographer is a must. I then strive to create works of art, with great lighting, composition, and color. Some of this background comes from my fine art travel photography, just another hobby that I've had for many years. I'm organized and professional, but also focused on connecting with my clients on a personal level. Read More...

Photographer Nathan Nowack 
Location Fullerton in Southern California, United States
Starting Rates $3000+ (USD) 
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