Alain Battiloro

My name is Alain Battiloro, born 1974, I am a professional photographer and an architect based in Torino, Italy. I take photographs since I was 19 and I graduated in photojournalism at John Kavendash Accademy of Photography in Milan. I started shooting travels and architectures but about 10 years ago I fell in love in portraying people and people's lifes and places. So, to tell using images is my passion. To observe, to capture moments that reveal the soul of what we have around. People, places and things that constitute our reality. I like that.
I usually shoot 15-20 weddings a year, no more than that to give the best quality I can to every couple who has decided to entrust me such an important moment of their life. Using a photojournalistic approach I want to give them the freedom to live completely their day and to appear spontaneous and "real" in their pictures.

Photographer Alain Battiloro 
Location Turin, Italy
Starting Rates €1400+ (EUR) 
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