Frances Gard

It's a fabulous privilege to document someone's wedding day. I start early and stay to the end of the party; I capture everything! I studied photography at Art College, and then pursued a different career for a while; university and a business life; which allowed me to become quite well rounded. I was drawn back to photography professionally four years ago. Very happy.

Photographer Frances Gard 
Business Franka Photography 
Location Bristol, England
Starting Rates £1475+ (GBP) 
Client Letters 9 Client Letters

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Donna  &  Andy

Donna & Andy
Married September 15th, 2012
"Franka, Thank you so much. We've been looking through the photos you put up, and just wanted to let you know how utterly amazing we both think they are! We each have our favourites, and we can't believe what a great job you've done of capturing the day - the photos are better than we could've imagined and we're both very happy with them."

Graham  &  Ashley

Graham & Ashley
Married June 22nd, 2012
"Oh my oh my! Oh my! The photos - speechless! Honestly - I can't believe how good they look. I'm a amateur but the composition and colours are so nicely balanced. We love the feel it's exactly what we wanted so once again - thank you thank you thank you!!! Speak soon!!! Lots of love G & A. Off to stare in awe at the pictures again!..."

Paula  &  Mike

Paula & Mike
Married August 20th, 2011
"Frances, You are a genius! They are quite amazing. I never thought I would want to look at photos of myself but they are just great, I love them all. Paula P.S. Doesn't my husband look handsome?"

Asa  &  Paul

Asa & Paul
Married August 6th, 2011
"The photos are absolutely amazing Frances. I'm so happy, thanks soooo much!!! xxxxxx They are just perfect, I love them all. Especially all the snap shots of friends in action and the emotional pictures, so beautiful."

Phillip  &  Leonie

Phillip & Leonie
Married September 19th, 2010
"On behalf of both myself and my wife :0) we are thrilled with the photos. You have done a fantastic job! Everyone has said what an amazing photographer we must of had."

Ali  &  Stu

Ali & Stu
Married June 6th, 2010
"Thank you so much for the photos. They are fantastic, and some of them so funny. Also the video is brilliant. It's been great re-living it all, as it feels like such a blur now. I'm so pleased you photographed our wedding."

Nina  &  Simon

Nina & Simon
Married August 15th, 2009
"The photos are amazing. Perhaps I can also learn in a “second life” how to do it! Thank you very, very much. We will always remember this day."

Tamasine  &  Adam

Tamasine & Adam
Married May 30th, 2009
"We got the pics on wed night when we got home from work and spent the whole night going oooh ahhhhh and oooh again! I am currently limiting myself to watching the slideshow just once a day as i love them all so much. Going to get some printed up this weekend too! Adam's mum will be so happy! We haven't given her a CD yet as we thought she might burst. My mum has her CD though and I fully expect when I go to hers next there will be no wall space as she will have framed them all! Take care and thank you so much again - your pictures will be so very very treasured and will always serve as a great reminder of what a lovely day was had by all."

Corinna  &  Markus

Corinna & Markus
Married September 11th, 2008
"We just came back and first thing we did- jump to the imac and watch out for your photos... And we love them so much much much much, we are really touched and soo glad you were here to take these most wonderfull photos. They really kept the moments and the "ambiance" of that day, you photographed all these nice details, the preparations (we love these photos of me getting in the dress), the decoration, the guests, the family (my mother and I before getting to the church!), the photos in the church, exchanging the rings. Those in the park, those of the waltz.... everything is fantastic and we are really lucky ones to had such a great photographer with us!!! Corinna and Markus"