Harry Richards

One of the most touching things about wedding photography is how quickly you find yourself thrown into the heart of such an important, intimate occasion. It's a responsibility only a fool would take lightly. I take great care to behave appropriately but with a sense of cheerful fun and enthusiasm for what I do.

I tend to prefer working alone as it's far easier to melt into the day and being unobtrusive is key to getting honest reportage photography. I aim to photograph as a reaction to what is happening around me, rather than be the cause of it. I truly believe people rarely look lovelier than when they are simply being themselves. Read More...

Photographer Harry Richards 
Location Islington in London, England
Starting Rates £1495+ (GBP)  View Packages
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
Website http://www.reportography.com 
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Harry Richards. The following awards have been earned by Harry from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2015 Q3 15th Place - Absence
20th Place - Taste
Q2 5th Place - Musicians & DJs
2013 Q4 11th Place - Cake Cutting
17th Place - Humor
Q2 15th Place - Send Off/Departure
16th Place - Reception
2012 Q4 9th Place - Great Natural Light

Harry Richards offers the following wedding coverage packages.

$1395UKP+ - Standard 8 Hour Wedding
A typical 8 hour wedding is charged at 1395, including 300 enhanced images displayed online. You can reduce or extend coverage from 4-12 hours as you require.

$295UKP - Datastick with Voucher Upgrade
Full resolution enhanced files are available for unrestricted personal use. Your enhanced selection is supplied along with all available source files on a USB Datastick with a 150 Reportography Photostore or Queensberry Album Voucher.

$365UKP+ - Queensberry Albums
I have looked far and wide for the best wedding albums available and have settled on Queensberry from New Zealand. These stunning books start at 365 with an average spend of around 550.

The following letters are from the clients of Harry Richards. Click an image to view a larger version.

Sarah  &  Richie

Sarah & Richie
Married August 24th, 2013
"Dear Harry, Thank you for photographing our wedding day! You really captured the atmosphere and we will treasure the photos and memories. It is lovely to have such great images, even more so as you were so adept at being in the right place at the right time, without us even knowing...more "