Andrea Corsi

I was born on 28 September 1974 and I bought my first camera, a lovely Nikon FM, in 1993. From then on, I’ve started to live and experience this beautiful passion getting through all those different stages that are typical and basic when we want to approach ourselves to the art of photography. At the beginning I took landscape and macro pictures looking for my own style and also looking for a kind of photography that could be congenial to me. I also tried to learn all those technical basis that, in my opinion, are extremely important and necessary even if, nowadays, they are considered less useful in comparison with the time we used the film. Initially, I took pictures with black and white films which were mainly Ilford; then things began to change especially when I “met” and started to use a film named Velvia 50; from that moment on we never left each other! Times have changed so, in 2005, I decided to choose digital photography; nowadays I’m completely satisfied of my choice because I believe that digital photography is fundamental for those who want to turn to professional which is a very difficult field or, they simply have an amateur interest in photography. I really love reportage photography because it is able to touch the observer and, at the same time, it tells a story; I use this kind of photography also for ceremony shoots. I am a member of the most important wedding photojournalist associations in the world ( WPJA, ISPWP,FEARLESS). In 2012 my winning photos were about 40 both in national and international Contests. I won in 2013 the award “Best Wedding of the Year”, you can see the wedding awarded as the best marriage in Italy in 2012 on My website on real wedding gallery .

Photographer Andrea Corsi 
Location Montevarchi in Arezzo, Italy
Starting Rates €2900+ (EUR) 
Photos 30 Contest Winning Photos
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Andrea Corsi. The following awards have been earned by Andrea from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2015 Q4 4th Place - Mobile Devices
4th Place - Cake Cutting
17th Place - Other Vendors
Q3 9th Place - Reception
Q2 1st Place - Cake Cutting
8th Place - Reception
2014 Q4 1st Place - Weather
Q3 1st Place - Send Off/Departure
Q2 9th Place - Getting Ready
Q1 3rd Place - Getting Ready
3rd Place - Emotion
5th Place - Emotion
13th Place - Ceremony
2013 Q4 2nd Place - Getting Ready
16th Place - Bouquet/Garter (Action)
Q2 1st Place - Ceremony
11th Place - Getting Ready
11th Place - Animals
Q1 14th Place - Weather
15th Place - Reception
2012 Q4 4th Place - Off-Moments (Bloopers & Outtakes)
5th Place - Ceremony
Q3 2nd Place - Getting Ready
9th Place - Getting Ready
Q2 11th Place - Reception
Q1 6th Place - Emotion
2011 Q3 5th Place - Getting Ready
10th Place - Getting Ready
15th Place - Kids (being kids)
2010 Q3 13th Place - The Cake