David Royal

David Royal is a freelance photographer based in on the Monterey Bay in California. A photojournalist with a base in art photography, he loves using his camera as a tool to meet people and discover new worlds around him. He holds a masters degree in Mass Communication/ Photojournalism from San Jose State University. Read More...

Photographer David Royal 
Location Monterey Bay in Central California, United States
Starting Rates $2000+ (USD) 
Website http://www.davidroyal.net 
Client Letters 1 Client Letter
Blog http://www.davidroyal.net 

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Scott  &  Lindsay

Scott & Lindsay
Married September 5th, 2009
"Thanks so much man! We finally got a chance to look through the photos last night, and we were just busting-up. You really managed to capture all the details from the day, even the tiny stuff like candy, beer, etc. Everything really came back to me when looking at the photos. I'm glad we got you to really...more "