Kelvin Nguyen

Unlike other photographers, Kelvin Nguyen did not start at an early age, nor did he get a degree in photography. He graduated with a Bachelor degree from The University of Texas at Austin. It was not until his wedding day that Kelvin realized he had a special gift. Weeks before the wedding day, Kelvin was researching which camera to buy, what setting to use outdoors, and how to pose groups. Why? He was on a budget and could not hire a professional photographer. He spent countless hours researching and studying how to operate a camera, lighting conditions, and posing positions. With his technical background and strong understanding of how things work, he quickly mastered skills that are necessary to achieve and be successful as a wedding photographer. Kelvin is constantly learning new techniques and tools to improve his current skills.

Photographer Kelvin Nguyen 
Location Euless in Northern Texas, United States
Starting Rates $1700+ (USD) 
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