Duccio Argentini

Duccio Argentini, born on 1967, first approached photography at 11. He self-trained through experimenting with the darkroom and the various photo techniques, never neglecting his school carrier that earned him a university degree in architecture. Nevertheless, his deep love for the art of photographing urged him to turn his life-long hobby into a profession. For more than eight years he has been collaborating with the leading sport magazines, as sport is his other main passion. He has released publications in Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Australia. He often travels in Italy and abroad to produce reportages on surf, windsurf, and kitesurf. The training that this kind of photography taught him allows him to give his wedding photo services a very personal touch, comparable more to fashion photography than to classical posing wedding services.

Photographer Duccio Argentini 
Location Firenze in Florence, Italy
Starting Rates €1200+ (EUR) 
Website http://www.weddingimages.it