Vutiporn Supanish

WOODYalens Photography originates from my passion as a photojournalist ever since working in a marketing magazine as a designer. The impression of integrating the photojournalist style with wedding photo leaves me with an excitement of creating a unique style in keeping the great memorable moment forever. All presentation of work is customized according to a couple's preference.

Photographer Vutiporn Supanish 
Business Woodyalens 
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Starting Rates $2000+ (USD) 
Photos 5 Contest Winning Photos
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Vutiporn Supanish. The following awards have been earned by Vutiporn from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2015 Q4 13th Place - Other Vendors
2014 Q2 11th Place - Creative Portrait
2013 Q1 13th Place - Getting Ready
2011 Q4 5th Place - Mobile Devices
7th Place - Bouquet/Garter (Action)

The following letters are from the clients of Vutiporn Supanish. Click an image to view a larger version.

Remy  &  David

Remy & David
Married February 14th, 2015
"" Thank you WOODYalens Photography and your wonderful creative team. Leading up to the wedding you were so helpful and very quick to respond. You seemed to have every aspect of the wedding covered on the day and your team were all so friendly and lovely. We cannot wait to see the photos...more "

Song  &  Nicholus

Song & Nicholus
Married February 28th, 2014
"" Wedding days go by so fast and it’s hard to truly appreciate every minute of the day. Being able to capture every moment at its most precious and peak moment is not easy but Woodyalens Photography managed to do it and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful our wedding photos...more "

Ying  &  Au

Ying & Au
Married May 18th, 2013
"" On the day of our wedding. We choose a professional photographer who can convey the feeling and mood that reflects the both of us naturally.Whether face or eyes of Bride&groom,the environment, the people and everything that has to reflect in our wedding. Once we have selected a photographer...more "

Taai  &  Him

Taai & Him
Married January 12th, 2013
"We would give you 3 words “MORE THAN WORD”. Every times that we look at your photos, they make us feel like it was just yesterday. You took not only our moment but our guests and all our important persons’ emotion too. We can touch all their feeling through your photos, which...more "

Lee  &  Mint

Lee & Mint
Married December 22nd, 2012
"“After the wedding date was set, we’d been looking for the professionals that could make the ‘once in a life time’ ceremony most memorable. We both gave importance to the photographer as we needed the natural looking portraits that groom and bride don’t need to overact (and...more "

Ice  &  James

ICE & James
Married July 22nd, 2012
"I’m always obsessed with having good photos on my special occasion because a single photo can tell a thousand words and always bring back good old memories every time we look at it. Thus, I chose you to picture my wedding because your work has shown me that you tell good story through...more "

Aor  &  Cammy

Aor & Cammy
Married May 28th, 2011
"When we first saw your work. We were very impressed with what you could deliver and the excellent artistic talent you have. At the time of organising our wedding it was without hesitation that we agreed to use your services for all of our wedding shots and we were completely amazed...more "

Tarn  &  Por

Tarn & Por
Married November 28th, 2010
"Wedding is most important for everyone, including us. Our desire is we try to keep all of our impressive memory at that fantastic moment. One thing we think it can serve us is the good photos that can tell our big day story. We would like to keep the photos as if we keep the best moments...more "

Pan  &  Pete

Pan & Pete
Married January 9th, 2010
"“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Indeed, the pictures that the photographers at Woodyalens create are truly exceptional, and beyond words. Thank you for capturing our dreams that would last a lifetime. Cheers to Woody’s magical lens."

A  &  Chi

A & Chi
Married December 6th, 2009
"Wedding is the most precious moment for couples to start their life together ... photos is the most important thing to bring back all the good memories on that day ... so we gave full attention to choosing photographer , we finally made our decision to trust and choose Woodyalens Photography...more "