Jose Pang

Jose Pang retired from 10 years of aeronautical engineering to pursue wedding photography and there’s been no regret. Jose's eye for detail and situation awareness makes him a natural for moving fluidly in an out of scenes. It’s amazing during a wedding not see him in action and subsequently have him wow you with the pictures photographed. He confesses that it iss addictive to be such an important part of each wedding, so he strives to do a fantastic job. Jose believes in maintaining the consistency of quality images by processing everyone himself. His specialty is ethnic Chinese weddings as he speaks fluent Mandarin and understands Cantonese.

Photographer Jose Pang 
Location New York (Long Island), United States
Starting Rates $4500+ (USD) 
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
Photos 3 Contest Winning Photos

The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Jose Pang. The following awards have been earned by Jose from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2013 Q4 17th Place - Portrait of Bride AND Groom
2009 Q4 3rd Place - Groom Getting Ready
2007 Q2 3rd Place - Ceremony