Anginet Page

Anginet Page is an international award winning photojournalist for the Wedding Photojournalist Association and the Artistic Guild of the WPJA. She is a destination photographer based in Colorado. Anginet has had years of training in the fine arts. This training has enabled her to capture images with a fresh and unique perspective.

Photographer Anginet Page 
Location Colorado, United States
AG|WPJA Artistic Wedding Photojournalist
Photos 9 Contest Winning Photos
Client Letters 1 Client Letter
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Anginet Page. The following awards have been earned by Anginet from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2015 Q3 17th Place - Taste
19th Place - Reflections
2014 Q4 15th Place - Details (Found)
2013 Q1 1st Place - Getting Ready
2012 Q4 6th Place - Ring Details
Q3 16th Place - Dancing (Action)
2010 Q3 6th Place - Engagement Portrait
BRIDES 8th Place - Bridal Party
2009 Q1 4th Place - Emotion

Much like the relationship of the couple, I believe the wedding photographer/client relationship should be based on chemistry, honesty, communication and respect. I offer a unique pricing process that will work for any couple that matches this criteria.

First, I would like you to examine my work on the website and blog. If I seem like a good fit, contact me so we can get to know each other better. Be sure to include your wedding date to make sure I’m available.

If we both feel like we will make a good team, I will ask you to set your own price for the photography services. If you are having a hard time deciding on a price, most couples plan on spending 10%-20% of their wedding budget on photography.

Selecting me as your wedding photographer should never be about price, but about the art and our relationship.

The following letters are from the clients of Anginet Page. Click an image to view a larger version.

Andrew & Katie

Andrew & Katie
Married March 14th, 2015
"Anginet, We are so floored by the photos. While we were going through them we kept wondering how you can compose a shot and pay attention to foreground and background at the same time, all in the short time between when a moment happens and when it's over. Example: the shot where Alex is signing the marriage license and we're kissing in the background. I think I speak for both of us when I say it feels like a privilege to take part in a photograph that good. Same with the battleship rings photo, the peeking around the gutter photo (who else would make that a compositional feature??), on and on etc. And thank you for saying so many nice things about us in the blog post! We enjoyed our time with you so much--definitely simpatico. We've already talked about how we'd have...more "