Barbara Di Cretico

Barbara likes to mix with the crowd, listen, smile, understand the atmosphere and catch the feeling with her lens She makes you feel unexpectedly relaxed and confident in front of her and all images become emotional and true.
Her pure creativity with your simple authenticity generates unique and timeless images.She studied fashion photography, still life. She studied with most talented wedding photographers in the world, she won several awards.
Her work is definitely precious.

Photographer Barbara Di Cretico 
Location Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Starting Rates €2500+ (EUR) 
Photos 6 Contest Winning Photos
Client Letters 9 Client Letters
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Barbara Di Cretico. The following awards have been earned by Barbara from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2014 Q1 9th Place - Getting Ready
2012 Q1 4th Place - Kids (being kids)
2011 Q4 3rd Place - Toasting/Speeches
11th Place - First Dance
2009 Q1 6th Place - Getting Ready
19th Place - Kids (being kids)

The following letters are from the clients of Barbara Di Cretico. Click an image to view a larger version.

Nikita & Andrea

Nikita & Andrea
Married September 13th, 2015
"Meravigliosa Barbara..hai colto nei particolari e fermato nel tempo l' aria incantevole ...che abbiamo respirato e vissuto quel giorno.. Ogni volta che guardo queste foto sento un tuffo al cuore... la stessa sensazione che provavo quel Giorno!!! Questo la dice lunga su che Artista...more "

Carmen  &  Peppe

Carmen & Peppe
Married September 5th, 2015
"Querida Barbara, Tú también estarás siempre en nuestros corazones. Eres una grandísima profesional, precisa, apasionada. No haces simples fotos, con cada encuadre recoges una emoción, una historia. Cada foto transmite el alma de las personas retratadas. No eres una simple fotógrafa...more "

Ale & Fabio

Ale & Fabio
Married August 1st, 2015
"Dear Barbara, I didn't want a photographer. I wanted you as soon as I saw your pictures because they are real. You can see them living even if you weren't there. You can feel the emotions just looking at them. You were simply perfect during our special day. You understood our feelings...more "

Sera & Ale

Sera & Ale
Married August 30th, 2014
"Dear Barbara, for me, talking about my wedding day is always feel sensations and emotions that I could live also tomorrow, because you know, that day fly away too early and you can't live it at all. But, there is The lucky chance to live again those emotions through pictures..and so you...more "

Roby  &  Manu

Roby & Manu
Married July 19th, 2014
"Barbara, you have the power to fix the emotions, feelings and aboveall THE LOVE without interrupt what are you living in the most important day of your life!! Thanks to you today and forever, We can REMEMBER And We can transmit our way to love without any words, but only throught images!! Your photos are the paints of our soul!! Simply the Best. Roby and Manu "

Nila  &  Manolo

Nila & Manolo
Married June 26th, 2014
"...a special day For our lives. If I think about our Marriage I prefer to use a simple present because memories are alive as at day. A colorful and spontaneous day because you Barbara captures with my husband and I the most intimate moments with maximum simplicity... We love you"

Gianni  &  Ile

Gianni & Ile
Married December 5th, 2009
"Fantastiche le nostre foto!Spesso sfogliamo il book che ci hai donato ed ogni volta ci assagono le mille emozioni che hanno caratterizzato il nostro giorno speciale!Ti siamo infinitamente grati per la pazienza e la professonalità con cui ci hai sopportato, ma soprattutto per l'amore...more "

Dennis  &  Polina

Dennis & Polina
Married June 1st, 2008
"Truly, the memories of our wedding will stay with us for ever and in big part because of the phenomenal photographs. You made the experience so unforgettable. Next time you are in the states, please let me know. Polina and I would love to take you for dinner. I promised Polina a...more "

Azzurra  &  Giulio

Azzurra & Giulio
Married June 14th, 2007
"Cercando di dare il giusto significato alle tue fotografie e alla tua ineguagliabile professionalità, ho capito che il susseguirsi di emozioni che mi hai regalato, nasce dal desiderio di far vivere la passione per il tuo lavoro e che il segreto del tuo successo è rendere la tua arte...more "