Carlo Carletti

Carlo Carletti was born in 1966 in Tuscany (Italy). After important publications on the Tuscan Landscape he focused his attention on Wedding Photography. In 2005 the art and trends ‘Kult’ magazine selected him among the 4 most important international photographers in wedding photography, by publishing a special edition on this topic. In 2006 ‘American PHOTO’ magazine published and awarded his ceremony photographs in the international ‘Images of the Year 2006’ contest. In 2007 WPJA (Wedding Photojournalistic Association) honoured him as ‘Photographer of the Year 2006’. He travels for important wedding events all over Europe and USA.

Photographer Carlo Carletti 
Location Siena, Italy
Starting Rates €4000+ (EUR) 
Photos 40 Contest Winning Photos
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Carlo Carletti. The following awards have been earned by Carlo from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2010 Q4 7th Place - Reception
2009 Q2 1st Place - Getting Ready
9th Place - Ceremony
9th Place - Transportation
18th Place - Getting Ready
Q1 1st Place - Kids (being kids)
8th Place - Kids (being kids)
2008 Q2 11th Place - Ceremony
Q1 5th Place - Ceremony
6th Place - Getting Ready
19th Place - Getting Ready
2007 Q4 8th Place - Ceremony
14th Place - Action
Q3 2nd Place - Transportation
12th Place - Scene Setters
14th Place - Details (Found)
Q2 4th Place - Reception
5th Place - Getting Ready
9th Place - Humor
Q1 1st Place - Reception Ambiance
1st Place - Getting Ready
7th Place - Ceremony
12th Place - Reception Ambiance
2006 Summer 2nd Place - Weather
6th Place - Panorama
6th Place - Weather
8th Place - Details
9th Place - Kids
10th Place - Panorama
Spring 1st Place - Ceremony
1st Place - Reception Ambiance
1st Place - Silhouettes, Shadows & Light
2nd Place - First Dance
3rd Place - Details
5th Place - Reception
7th Place - Silhouettes, Shadows & Light
9th Place - Reception Ambiance
2005 Winter 1st Place - Ceremony
4th Place - Getting Ready
18th Place - Emotion