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CATEGORIES - WPJA 2014 Q3 Photography Contest

01. Getting Ready
Entries which spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and anticipation before the ceremony.

02. Ceremony
Captured moments of those who participate in the wedding (guests, family, and bridal party) during the processional, ceremony, and recessional.

03. Reception
“Reception" photographs document festivities from the cocktail hour through the last dance and departure.

04. Details (Found)
"Details (Found)" encompasses tighter shots of the day's small slices AS THEY WERE FOUND. This includes clothes, rings, food, linens, flowers, faces, etc. NOTE: This category is NOT for set-up detail shots. It's important that images submitted in this category don't contain content controlled by the photographer.

05. First Dance
For the "First Dance" category, we are looking for images of the bride and groom hitting the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.

06. Great Natural Light
“Great Natural Light” entries capture moments brilliantly lit under natural and ambient lighting conditions. NOTE: This category is not for images created with the help of any flash or strobe.

07. Musicians & DJs
"Musicians & DJs" submissions can include images of musicians in action, playing strings, winds, keyboards, guitars, etc. at the ceremony or cocktail hour; as well as shots of bands/DJs doing their "thing"!

08. Parents
Candid, natural moments of the couples' parents on the wedding day.

09. Send Off/Departure
Entries that record the action surrounding the departure of the bride and groom from the reception at the end of the wedding day.

10. Portrait of Bridal Party
A category for portraits that feature multiple members of the bridal party. Photographers are encouraged to adopt a creative approach to their submissions.