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Proudly present:


01. Bride
Images from the wedding day in which candid, natural moments of the bride are captured. The bride must be depicted as the main subject in photos submitted in this category.

02. Bridal Party
A category for both portraits and moments that feature multiple members of the bridal party. In the case of portraits, photographers are encouraged to adopt a creative approach to their submissions.

03. Culture/Religious Customs
Images taken during pre-ceremony, ceremony or reception activities that depict cultural or religious customs.

04. Ceremony
Captured moments of those who participate in the wedding (guests, family, and bridal party) during the pre-ceremony, vow-exchange, and receiving-line activities.

05. Getting Ready
Submitted entries should spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and anticipation before the ceremony.

06. Kids
Entries of found moments depicting babies, children, and youth doing what they do best (kids being kids)!

07. Dancing
Anything from the reception dance floor that illustrates the mood of a particular moment (from the first dance to the end of the party).

08. Send off/Departure
Entries that record the action surrounding the departure of the bride and groom from the reception at the end of the wedding day.

09. Bride and Groom
Any images from the wedding day in which candid, natural moments of the bride and groom are captured. Both the bride and groom must be depicted as the main subjects.

10. Parents
Candid, natural moments of the couples' parents on the wedding day.