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Mark Earthy, England

We have both been members of the Wedding Photojournalist Association for what is approaching 6 years.

During these past fantastic years we have been booked countless times by couples that have found us through the WPJA. We have been booked for weddings throughout the UK and for destinations weddings in Europe & Asia.

Our couples have a clear understanding about the style of wedding photography they wish for and that is for their photographers to tell the story of their day where the focus is on capturing the candid moments not the poses. For us it is an ideal match and as Wedding Photojournalists we are booked by clients
that love our style of story telling documentary wedding photography - a perfect marriage of Client + Photographers :)

We love seeing the quarterly photo competitions and the fantastic images from fellow worldwide WPJA members.

Best wishes from London

Mark & Marianne

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Shane Snider, North Carolina

Just wanted to share this latest WPJA benefit...

Contact Form Submittal: "As the editorial director of Kodak Propass Magazine, Kodak's online magazine for professional photographers,I'm always looking for photographers who bring a fresh perspective to their craft. I was wondering if you ever use any Kodak product, be it paper or film, and if so, if you'd care to be featured at some point in time. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards, Cindy R."

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Matt Adcock, Mexico

1. Well, I just wanted to say thank you for holding an organization full of such talented professionals! Also, thank you for holding the contests! Placing first in any category is HUGE for me... the competitors here are the BEST. I feel honored to placed amongst the absolute best in the WORLD!

Recently, a local Atlanta Advertiser, www.atlantabridal.com did a write up on my business and its affiliation with WPJA and the recent contest results and I think you should take a look. This website is a big website for wedding professionals in Atlanta and TONS of brides visit this website daily....Anyway, if you have a moment, check out:


.... This article is viewable from her homepage..which is great advertising for me.... but she posts a blog and it is topic #1 viewable from homepage!!!!!!!! Lei Lydle is the founder of www.atlantabridal.com & throws praise to www.wpja.com ! Worth a read...
Ok.. enjoy!

I am stoked to be a member at WPJA.... Oh, did I mention, WPJA is a MAJOR help in the advertising campaign for me! BRIDES LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I had a bride from TN looking for wedding photojournalist today...she found my listing in GA and submitted the form.

Very simple info there..
I love her answer to )how did you find me?)

Name: Betsy
Wedding Date 07/02/2005
Ceremony: Hendersonville, TN
Reception: samw
How Found: WPJA....cause it rocks

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Sarah Whitmeyer, North Carolina

I received a call from a bride the very first day I was listed on the site!

I was so amazed, I felt obligated to testify :)

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Aaron Willcox, Southern California

I just added Asia to my destination locations about two months ago. Thanks to WPJA, I will be flying to Hong Kong in two weeks to photograph my first Chinese wedding. I probably book at least half of my weddings from WPJA. Thanks for providing such a fabulous tool for both photographers AND engaged couples!

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Juliana Wiklund, Sweden

Last weekend I had, by far, the most fun and most loving wedding this year.

Although the couple was very famous and many celebrities were amongst their guests, they treated me with the highest respect a photographer could ever wish for. How did they get in touch with me? Through WPJA!

As they are from England and the wedding would be held in Sweden, they just searched the Internet for "Wedding Photographer Sweden" and when the WPJA site came up first in the search motor, they were deeply impressed by the respect and seriousness it transmitted. From that point, it was just to choose the Swedish photographer from the WPJA that was most adequate to their needs.

Thank you for sending me this wonderful couple and giving me the opportunity to show them the beautiful pictures that can be gotten when they hire one WPJA professional!

Warm greetings from Sweden

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Mike Topham, Virginia

It seems that our best clients are referrals from WPJA. And as a former news photographer, I really enjoy the emphasis that is placed on photojournalism and creativity. In my opinion, the WPJA is fast becoming the worldwide authority on wedding photojournalism.

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Karri North, Canada

Over the past year of membership I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of positivity that comes from my association with the WPJA. Not only am I drawing in clients who are truly interested in and appreciative of the art of photography, but I seem to gain both trust and prestige in the eyes of my clients/potential clients when I direct them to the WPJA website to explore the incredible images posted there.

I use the site for my own inspiration all the time.

Thank you WPJA and all you photographers that make it up!!

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Glen Stubbe, Minnesota

When a bride comes to me through the WPJA, she comes with a sophisticated understanding of the power of photojournalism and an appreciation of what I can bring to her wedding. The WPJA is a wonderful magnet for authenticity in wedding photography and I'm proud to be part of it.

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Shane Snider, North Carolina

My business is really taking off because of the WPJA membership. This is the first year I really advertised and started the business in earnest. Traffic to my Web site was painfully slow until I was listed on the WPJA site. I just signed a bride and groom last night who were referred through WPJA - this was my first "Platinum Package" sale. I'm getting at least two to three serious inquiries a week just from WPJA traffic. My wife was worried about me spending the money to join, but she agrees now that this is by far the best thing we could have done for the business.

Thanks for everything you do.

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Aurel Virlan, Romania

I'm a very new member of the WPJA... For me it is an honor and I feel proud when somebody finds me from the WPJA.

The WPJA is a wonderful world of photography... I spend hours just watching amazing moments, faces, details...

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China Jorrin, New York (Upstate)

I am very happy with my lisiting with you. Since I joined (Oct. 2003) I have received the most inquiries for WPJA than any of the other wed sites that I am listed with.

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David Crane, Southern California

I just received my very nice [WPJA] tee and check for the summer contest. Thank-you! I'd also like to thank-you for the fine service you provide. I am a full-time newspaper shooter and freelance editorial shooter, but I must say, the response for my wedding photography has been overwhelming since joining your ranks. Clients who find me through the WPJA already know exactly what I am about. No hour long dissertations on the difference between my style and that of a studio shooter! THANK-YOU! Keep up the great work, I will add the wpja logo to my web site just as soon as I have the time.

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Alex Zeevi-Christian, New York (City/Metro)

....I also wanted to thank you and your team for the fabulous job you have done with WPJA.

Your website contributed tremendously to my photography.

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Michael Albert, Canada

By the way, business has shot through the roof after joining the WPJA...and most every inquiry is from the type of client I am looking for.

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Kella MacPhee, New Jersey

I've been a member of The WPJA for a few years now and it has definitely given me a real jump start to my business! It's a great resource for unique wedding photographers! Couples are looking for something different and fun and The WPJA provides them with some awesome choices!

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David Murray, Georgia

... Also, again wanted to say thanks for all your fine work in launching and promoting the wpja. We now use it as our referral site. If we are busy for a date we send the client to the wpja and say those are the photographers we would recommend. Hope to meet you some day.

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David Crane, Southern California

...thanks again for a great site and support. Clients who find me through the WPJA site are always great to work with and make my job so much easier because they know exactly what to expect, my membership in the WPJA has been one of the best moves I have made.

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Michelle Robinson, North Carolina

Only one day with WPJA and I already got an inquiry from a bride.

How awesome!

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Robin Shotola, Maryland

Just wanted to let you know how much I value my WPJA membership, and to thank you and your staff for all the work you do to keep the organization running.

Being a WPJA member has had an incredible effect on my business. I'm getting more inquiries and bookings than I ever have before because of WPJA's great publicity, a well organized website, and all of the great advertising - word-of-mouth and otherwise. Entering the contests and seeing the work of other members has pushed me to a new level creatively.

But the best part about being a WPJA member and the high ethical standards of the organization is that when I'm booked or (God forbid) unable to shoot an event because of an emergency, I know that I have an entire network of like-styled and, more importantly, like-minded photographers who I would absolutely trust to take my place. In fact, I don't even refer clients to non-WPJA photographers anymore.

Anyway, keep up the great work and, as always, if there's anything I can do from Baltimore/DC, just ask.

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Ben Chrisman, Northern California

I'm very excited to be part of WPJA. I feel like I've found 'my' community amongst the wedding photographers...I am happy to be a part of a wedding photographer community which doesn't feel the need to stage situations which are more beautiful when left alone. My main problem with traditional wedding photography is that I do not feel I can believe any of it as truthful. That has changed since being a part of WPJA.

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Fadi Kheir, New York (City/Metro)

First of all I want to thank you for running such a great site. The impact it has had on my wedding work has been amazing and winning an award was really great. Also if you would like to use any of my photos on or to promote your site please do so.


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Heather Hughes Ostermaier, Virginia

...I speak fondly of WPJA and often reference it to couples when I am already booked because of the high standards you uphold. I also started in the newspaper industry (and am still there) and treasure honesty & truthfulness in photographs, even at weddings, and am thankful that there is a wedding organization that agrees.

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Peter Doyle, Pennsylvania

Thanks for the updates, I would be spending more time updating my listing and reading news and such on WPJA... but the site works so well for me I'm too busy!

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Kara Pearson, Colorado

This is my second year as a member of the WPJA and I am always proud to tell my clients what that means. Thanks to you and all the members for holding the bar so high.

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Philip Thomas, Southern Texas

I'm humbled and I'm still pinching myself to be part of the WPJA. I have a long way to get where I want to be, and even then I will always be striving to get to the next level. So thank you for the opportunity.

You write how other photographers in the WPJA refer others when they're booked-and that's exactly what happened to me when a kindly WPJA photographer referred me to a Houston couple who came to San Antonio to have their wedding with family & friends. A good example of the WPJA team, as you put it.

I've been a photographer for 15 years but just started capturing weddings just a year ago when my passion for documenting weddings rather than the traditional style-which was such a turn off-changed. I wanted to physically vomit just thinking about it.

Thank you for accepting me into a great organization.

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Shannon Harthen, Michigan

I LOVE WPJA!!! My business has tripled since I became a member! I love the quality of brides that WPJA brings to my website. They are educated in photography and know what style of photographer they are looking for! Since being accepted into WPJA - my website traffic has exploded!


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Rich Janniello, New York (City/Metro)

Just a quick note to say thank you for creating such a fantastic organization. The WPJA is my #1 referral source and I couldn't imagine my business without it. Thanks again!

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Matt Adcock, Mexico

I'm off to a destination wedding Thursday in the Bahamas. ALL because of WPJA. Unlimited package, paying for travel, 5 nights, the whole 9 yards... Client hired me site unseen from LA. I am staying for 5 days. My assistant & I are Scuba certified, as well as bride & groom, so we are all going diving!!! These shots are going to be killer! Thanks wpja.

Ok.. Cheers!

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Brett Butterstein, Southern California

Thanks to everyone at WPJA for all of your hard work! I get a ton of bookings from my listings with you and know many of my colleagues do as well. Now if I could only get my gangsta necklace...

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Kim Chapman, Maine

I wanted you to know that I just returned from the most beautiful place in the world...Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Thanks to WPJA, I was fortunate enough to be hired for this beautiful destination wedding. It was such a dream come true for me! I never would have landed this if it wasn't for WPJA. I look forward to my upcoming destination wedding in St. Thomas as well. Dreamy! Thank you so much for giving me these amazing opportunities!

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Danielle Richards, New Jersey

Just a quick note to thank you for the great service and updates to the website. I always make a point to ask clients where they found me, and so far I've booked three weddings as a direct result of WPJA -- and I've been a member for less than a year! Keep up the great SEO work and I will definitely be renewing my membership later this year.

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Kevin Quinlan, Maryland

Let me start off by saying that although I have only been a WPJA member for a short period of time, I am very impressed with the organization. I have already booked a few weddings directly through the WPJA.