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Membership is for individuals, not groups, businesses, studios or teams. The WPJA often reviews web sites that display images from multiple photographers. While we understand and appreciate the team coverage approach to wedding photography, it's important for the WPJA to be able to identify and review the image portfolio of the individual applying for membership.

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If 'No', what changes have been made to your image portfolio since your last application? (i.e. 'more moments added', 'fewer details and/or portraits', 'converted many warm-toned images to straight black & white', 'less Photoshop work on images')

We've recently published a WedPix article about wedding moments. Have you read this article?
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After reading the linked article above, what percentage of the images on your web site would you consider to be "moments"?

*What percentage of the images on your web site have been digitally manipulated including any sepia, selenium or other color toning, desaturation, tinting, soft focus or vignetting. This would exclude simple levels and curves adjustments, toning for reproduction, color correction, basic exposure adjustments, conversion to black & white and typical file format conversions.

We've also published a WedPix article about wedding portraits. Have you read this article?
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What percentage of the images on your web site would you consider to be "details" and/or "portraits"?

Do you feel that a visitor to your site would get a photojournalistic first impression of your work?

How often do you update your site?

*On your web site, do you specifically identify yourself as a "photojournalist" vs. as a "wedding photojournalist," "wedding photographer" or "photographer"? If you state that you are a "photojournalist" (one who shoots news events for the media/publications), describe how you provide work history and/or images on your site to back up your statement.

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Read our recently-published WedPix article for more information on Wedding Photographers Using Music on their Websites.

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