Daniele Del Castillo, Italy
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Follow Me / Social Networking Icons and Links

All WPJA members can now include icons and links to their social networking profiles within their WPJA Member Profile pages. Once logged in, members will see the option to add icons and links for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, or an RSS Feed.

Icons Currently Available:

Facebook Twitter Flickr LinkedIn MySpace YouTube RSS

Linking to Blogs

Also, all WPJA members can now include links to their wedding photography blogs directly from their Member Profile pages. Links to blogs will be included directly below website links.

New Features: Destination Wedding Text

Jeremy Lawson, Missouri

DW Text Submission Process

Members with Destination Wedding (DW) listings can now include their DW text in their Member Profile as well as on their DW listing pages. We've made the process of submitting this text much easier. Members need only log in and click on 'Submit DW Text' in the left navigation. Members' DW location descriptions should be factual, concise and appealing to their client audience.

Manage DW Rates Individually

Members can also now manage their rates individually for each DW listing through the 'Manage Profile' section of the Member Options.

Will Travel To

All DW listing locations will be included under the 'Will Travel To' section of the Member Profile (as pictured in Jeremy Lawson's profile to the left). The 'Will Travel To' section appears after adding at least one DW listing.

DW Listing Prices

For $60 USD per year (prorated to $5 USD per month for partial-year listings), members receive one Destination Wedding location listing with a direct link to their Member Profile. There is no limit to the number of DW locations a member can obtain.


Photographer - Top Left
Daniele Del Castillo, Italy
Photographer - Top Middle
Carlo Carletti, Italy
Photographer - Top Right
Nathan Welton, Colorado