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Trash The Dress Photo Competition From The WPJA


The First WPJA Trash The Dress Photo Contest Results Are Now Live!

WPJA Trash The Dress Photo Competition

The WPJA is proud to announce the results of the Trash The Dress (TTD) photography contest. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Gritty, romantic and uniquely sexy, TTD photo shoots challenge the photographers creativity, imagination and technical aptitude. Enjoyed by thousands of couples worldwide, these on-location photo sessions commemorate the wedding and cherished gown within a glamorous, frivolous and often lively post-nuptial portfolio. TTD sessions meld formal wedding attire within unconventional settings. For example, sessions are frequently held on sandy beaches, amidst crashing ocean waves, at rustic farms, on playgrounds or in urban settings.

To view the winning images, click on the contest thumbs on the WPJA home page.


Trash The Dress Contest Categories

TTD - Water
01. TTD - Water
Images submitted into the Water category are from settings in or near water. Representing the many ways photographers may use water to their advantage, these photos might depict the bride or couple in formal wedding attire fully or partially immersed in a swimming pool, lake, ocean or even a puddle.

1. Kevin Beasley, Louisiana
2. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
3. Elaine Soong, Alberta, Canada
4. Artur Lastowski, Poland
5. Jacek Wiesnowski, New York
  6. David Lau, New Jersey
  7. Rick Collins, British Columbia, Canada
  8. Jennifer Rau, California
  9. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
10. Kevin Beasley, Louisiana


TTD - Urban
02. TTD - Urban
Urban entries capture the bride or couple in formal wedding attire within city or town life. Creative couple portraiture might be set amid well-trafficked or heavily populated areas, urban ruins, housing or architecture, social landscapes or busy streets. Portraits can also be taken amongst transportation including cars, trucks, trains or subways.

1. Marcin Labedzki, Poland
2. Paul Johnson, Florida
3. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
4. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
5. Paul Johnson, Florida
  6. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
  7. Jacek Wiesnowski, New York
  8. Agnes Lopez, Florida
  9. Marcin Labedzki, Poland
10. Kenneth Paul Soong, Alberta, Canada


TTD - Rural
03. TTD - Rural
Rural photographs depict the bride or couple within a country, rustic, natural or rural setting while dressed in their formal wedding attire. This artistic portraiture might portray the subjects lying in a field or walking on a dirt road, among livestock or within an isolated pasture.

1. Paulina Westerlind, Sweden
2. Luigi Rota, Italy
3. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
4. John Hudetz, Colorado
5. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
  6. Malgorzata Woszczyna, New York
  7. Kelvin Koh, Singapore
  8. Paul Johnson, Florida
  9. Elaine Soong, Alberta, Canada
10. Jason Hudson, Arkansas


TTD - Details
04. TTD - Details
Details images primarily focused on close-range details of the bride, groom, couple or distinct elements within the setting. These details can be found or set-up shots. Details might include sand on skin, wedding bands, hands, feet, or a soiled or wet wedding gown.

1. Bartosz Jastal, Poland
2. Justyna Ortyl, Poland
3. Marcin Labedzki, Poland
4. David Wittig, Illinois
5. Cameron Clark, Arizona
  6. Amanda Tung, California
  7. Kevin Beasley, Louisiana
  8. Emin Kuliyev, New York
  9. Tina Wright, Arizona
10. Emin Kuliyev, New York


Judges For The 2008 TTD Contest

WPJA award-winners Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock happen to be at the center of the Trash The Dress movement, and are among its foremost practitioners. As a married couple who often work together on TTD sessions, they have no shortage of enthusiastic newlyweds anxious to experience this ritual, with the number of interested people growing by the week.

“Its really getting popular,” says Matt, who with Sol and their associate photographers at Del Sol Photography shoot more than 100 weddings each year. “In 2007, we shot 22 TTD sessions, and at this point now we have already shot 30 and change, and we will still do 8 to 10 more. We have had 89 inquiries for the month of July, and at least half of them are interested in TTD.”

Drawing on this experience, Sol and Matt served as judges in the first-ever WPJA Trash the Dress contest.


Trash The Dress WedPix Article

WedPix Article: Trash The Dress

We've recently published a Trash The Dress WedPix article which covers the following TTD topics:

  • Rejecting Tradition: Embracing The New And Unusual
  • Environmental Portraiture As Photojournalism
  • Getting Creative: The Many Levels Of TTD
  • Going Too Far?
  • Risk And Reward



Photographer - Top Left
Sol Tamargo
Photographer - Top Middle
Matt Adcock
Photographer - Top Right
Matt Adcock