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Trash The DressTrash The Dress
Trash The Dress Photography Contest From The WPJA


Reminder: Deadline For WPJA Trash The Dress Contest Is Next Friday, 1 Week Away

WPJA Trash The Dress Photo Competition

The first annual Trash The Dress photography contest is specifically designed to recognize the exceptional talent of our esteemed members.

Trash The Dress (TTD) competition entries are created after the ceremony with primary direction provided by the photographer. Entries are judged on creativity, technical proficiency, composition and lighting.

After the nuptials but before it’s boxed, the wedding gown is taken to a completely new level during a Trash The Dress session. We invite members to exhibit their creativity through our newest competition. Submit your entries by next Friday, September 19th, 2008 in our exciting, first annual TTD competition!


How To Enter The Trash The Dress Photo Contest

As you may have already noticed, we have relocated many of our contest information pages to the Member Login section of the WPJA.com website. Please login to your account to read all of the TTD contest rules before entering. You will also find an updated list of contest awards, prizes and trophies as well as a new set of judging procedures for this contest.


Trash The Dress Contest Categories

01. Water
02. Urban
03. Rural
04. Details


Summary of TTD Contest Rules

  • Members may submit an unlimited number of photographic images for the WPJA Trash The Dress photography contest, regardless of category.
  • Entering this contest will NOT affect or count toward your contest entry limit for 2008 contests.
  • Images submitted to the WPJA Trash The Dress contest must have been created prior to December 31st of 2007.
  • Images submitted to the WPJA Trash The Dress contest must not have been altered, either in-camera, developmentally or electronically.
  • Gold Medallions and PIX pages will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place winners. Blue Medallions will be awarded for 4th through 10th place. For members with existing PIX pages, any 1st through 10th place winning image will be added to your gallery.
  • Listing Ranking and Photographer of The Year (POY) contest points will NOT be awarded for the WPJA Trash The Dress contest.


Judges For 2008 TTD Contest

WPJA award-winners Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock happen to be at the center of the Trash The Dress movement, and are among its foremost practitioners. As a married couple who often work together on TTD sessions, they have no shortage of enthusiastic newlyweds anxious to experience this ritual, with the number of interested people growing by the week.

“It’s really getting popular,” says Matt, who with Sol and their associate photographers at Del Sol Photography shoot more than 100 weddings each year. “Last year we shot 22 TTD sessions, and at this point now we’ve already shot 30 and change, and we’ll still do 8 to 10 more. We’ve had 89 inquiries for the month of July, and at least half of them are interested in TTD.”

Drawing on this experience, Sol and Matt will be serving as judges in the first-ever WPJA Trash the Dress contest, open to WPJA members to submit any TTD image created prior to 2008.


WedPix Article: Trash The Dress

We've recently published a Trash The Dress WedPix article which covers the following TTD topics:

  • Rejecting Tradition: Embracing The New And Unusual
  • Environmental Portraiture As Photojournalism
  • Getting Creative: The Many Levels Of TTD
  • Going Too Far?
  • Risk And Reward



Photographer - Top Left
Sol Tamargo
Photographer - Top Middle
Matt Adcock
Photographer - Top Right
Matt Adcock