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Truth With A Camera WorkshopTruth With A Camera Workshop
Wyo & The Truth With A Camera Workshop - October 11th through 19th - Dominican Republic


Ben Chrisman, of Northern California, Chosen For WPJA Workshop Scholarship!

Truth With A Camera BannerThe organizers of Truth With A Camera are excited about the involvement of the WPJA in their upcoming workshops.

Here's how they described the judging process for the WPJA Scholarship applications:

“There were three criteria that we looked at. First, in the reason for attending the workshop, did the applicant "want to go" or "hope to go". There is a big difference. And the answer isn't as obvious as you might think. We were looking for an application that shows the heart of the photographer and their motivations. Secondly, we looked at the work. Most of the emphasis was put on this part. We focused on pre-wedding images because this is the time in the wedding that shows the comfort level of the image-maker with the client. We then looked at the quality of the "moments". And finally we looked at lens work and technical ability. The final criteria came in how they described themselves.

Some of the reasons for wanting to attend the workshop were so compelling but the images didn't quite live up to expectations. In the end it was a very hard decision.

The winner is Ben Chrisman. There is significant talent in his shooting. He looks for the story within the story and his passion for seeing is obvious. We hope to challenge him to use his talents in compelling ways that will make a difference in the lives of the people in front of his lens.

Runners-up in no particular order are: Craig Watson, Aaron Willcox, Eric Graff, Ken Luallen, and Kevin Von Qualen.

We thank all who applied and hope to see many of you in the Dominican Republic in October.”

Workshop Discounts for WPJA Members

“The portfolios submitted for the most recent scholarship were, on the whole, extremely impressive and showed a clear level of sophistication. Unfortunately, only one shooter could be selected from the talented pool of applicants. As a result, Truth With A Camera would like to offer a 10% discount to all WPJA members interested in this fall’s workshop in the Dominican Republic. The only catch is you must apply immediately as we are extending the deadline to accommodate WPJA photographers. Please see the Truth With A Camera website at truthwithacamera.org for details on how to apply. For those of you who applied for the scholarship, there is no need to re-submit your portfolio.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Stephen Katz at 757-581-5511.

Applications will be accepted through Friday, August 15. Thank you for your interest in Truth With a Camera.”

All the best,
—TWAC staff



Photographer - Top Left
Stephen M. Katz
Photographer - Top Middle
Stephen M. Katz
Photographer - Top Right
Stephen M. Katz