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WPJA Online Polls for BRIDES Magazine Article

BRIDES Magazine Cover BRIDES Magazine has requested the help of the WPJA and our members. They have asked us to gather information that will be featured in a planning article on wedding photography in an upcoming issue. We're hoping for complete participation from all WPJA members. The polls will be open through the weekend. The following three questions have been added to the Member Login section of the site. Please take a moment to vote today!

On average, how early in advance are your clients booking for your peak dates?

Based on the current economy, do you find that your clients are booking your services closer to their wedding date than in previous years?

How are you currently photographing weddings?

Help Your Fellow WPJA Photographers Book Weddings

WPJA Member Calendars WPJA Member Calendars Couples typically begin their search for a wedding photographer by sending out e-mails or making phone calls requesting services for their wedding date. In some cases the date is already booked and the photographer, out of professional obligation, then has to respond with his/her lack of availability for that date. This back-and-forth between couples and photographers, which consumes time on both ends, is eliminated by using the WPJA online calendar.

When a WPJA member is booked on a couple's wedding date, a 'referral' is made to another member by use of the online calendars. This system helps to ensure that when a couple comes to the WPJA site, they end up booking a WPJA member. By using your WPJA calendar, you are referring work to fellow WPJA members.

Your personal WPJA availability calendar may be activated or updated simply by clicking on the Manage Calendar link in the left navigation of the Member Login section of the site. Once you activate the calendar, an icon will appear next to your listing(s) on the site.


Photographer - Top Left
2008 POY: Franck Boutonnet
Photographer - Top Middle
1st Runner-Up: Rob Witzel
Photographer - Top Right
2nd Runner-Up: Genya Garrett